Poster Presentation

Poster format

The size of a scientific poster is 70 cm (27.56 inches) x 100 cm (39.37 inches) (width x height).
We will provide adhesives  so you do not need to take any tapes or push-pins with you.
Please have your poster printed and in hand before the conference. You must bring it on the day of your presentation. Poster sessions take place in the morning and you will not have the opportunity to print out your poster just in time on that day.

Poster structure

Suggested structure of a scientific poster is:
Materials and methods
Results/discussion/conclusions (literature cited)

Some general advice:

Please try to focus on the main aspects of your research work and illustrate these clearly.
Please do not try to deliver more information by overfilling your poster as it may reduce the distinctness of your presentation
Please only include information on your poster that will be illustrated during your presentation.

General information

The title of your poster must correspond to the title of your abstract submitted previously.
Please attach your poster to the poster board indicated for you before the session starts.
Posters should stay on display for the duration of the whole conference day.
Please take off your poster at the end of your presentation day.
Posters left will be removed at 8pm of each conference day.
You can leave your poster container at the registration desk over night if you plan to attend a workshop or social event at the day of your presentation.

 Poster Session structure:

Check for the programme each day and please be present at the site of your poster session. A jury will review your poster during the poster session and you will be asked to discuss your work with the chair of the poster session and interested audience. 5 minutes lengths and 2 minute discussion for each presentation.


Your poster will be scored according to the following criteria:

  • Formal criteria and time limit (see above)
  • Fluency and intelligibility: arrangement of poster, structure
  • Response to questions in discussion

The winners of the poster prizes will be announced at the end of the conference day.