Oral Presentation

Session structure:

  • Please be present at least 20 minutes prior to your session!
  • Opening of the session by chair and introduction of the jurors
  •  10 minutes lengths and 3 minutes discussion for each presentation.
  • Closing remarks by chair

You will be equipped with:

  • laser pointer
  • 1 PowerPoint LCD projector (1024 x 768 pixels resolution)
  • 1 Windows PC

Presentation structure

The following structure is suggested for your presentation:

  • Background/purpose/Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Summary/conclusion
  • Discussion
  • Questions & answers


Sessions will be chaired by two jurors and a student juror. Your presentation will be scored according to the following criteria:

  • Formal criteria and time limit (see above)
  • Fluency and intelligibility of the presentation: arrangement of slides, structure
  • Response to questions in discussion
  • Innovative value
  • Methods