Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty

The beginning of the Istanbul Medical School of today dates back to the foundation of Tıphane – in 1827 – and Cerrahhane – in 1832. Medical education took a start of modernization in 1838 and these two different medical schools are united as the Mekteb-i Tıbbiye-i Şahane in Galatasaray. This school has witnessed many reformative actions until it was burned by a big fire in 1848 and it was moved to the Humbarahane Barracks due to the great damages of the building. After the renovation of the former building, it was again moved back to this building in 1874. This medical school led many modernizations and innovations in Turkish medical history. In 1903 it was moved to Haydarpaşa. Since 1903 to the University Reform led by Atatürk in 1933 it stayed in this campus as Istanbul Darülfünunu.
In 1933 Istanbul Darülfünunu became the Istanbul University and medical faculty was seperated from its main building as Istanbul University Medical Faculty and moved to the European side of Istanbul but there was no any united campus of this faculty in these years, all clinics were scattered all around the Istanbul so in 1967 it is divided into two faculties for the aim of establishing two central campuses. One of these faculties was called as Istanbul Medical Faculty placed in Çapa and the other one was named as Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty located in Cerrahpaşa. Since the area of the Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty was larger than the other’s, most of the clinics re-established within this faculty.
In 1930 Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visited the Cerrahpaşa Hospital and said. “This hospital should extend down to the coastline in the form of a horseshoe” and his words has become true, Cerrahpaşa Hospital and Medical Faculty is now one of the largest medical complexes.