Student Scientific Research Club, which was established in 1988, is one of the most active student organisation in Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty. SSRC has announced its name worldwide by organising various organisations such as national and international congresses, career days and seminars. SSRC is a student club which helps itself and choose its administrators on its own. PhD. MD. H. Oktay Seymen, who is from Cerrahpasa Department of Physiology, is our consultant teacher. Lots of students who have made their scientific researches under the name of SSRC have proved their success by the awards they have won. They’ve shown great success by winning Erman Aytac Project Award in 2006 and Fehim Esen Ezcacibasi Project Award in 2009. Alumni of SSRC still continue their specialties in Europe and U.S.


  • To prepare the essential environment for students to practice their theoretical knowledge
  • To prepare the environment for people who have made scientific researches to introduce their research
  • To organize extracurricular activities such as meetings and presentations in weekdays for students to make them socialize
  • To introduce our faculty as good as we can nationally and internationally.
  • To make students find new and original answers for various medical issues by preparing the environment for brain-storming.